National Blue Mountain Coffee Day

A Bean to Bar Experience in Blue Mountain, Jamaica

What is in your cup today? There is nothing quite like a cup of the Caribbean’s most delicious beverage, steaming or on the rocks, fresh coffee right from the fields of the Blue Mountain. Today is a phenomenal day for the island of Jamaica and the region, as we celebrate the goodness and strength of the Beans from The Blue, on this Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Day.

The celebration of the world famous Blue Mountain Coffee was inspired by the shipment of approximately 60% of the coffee harvested in the year 1967 to Japan on January 9 that year. Today, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Day is celebrated world-wide annually with Jamaica and Japan leading the charge.

To celebrate this special day and experience the boldness that is Blue Mountain Coffee, let us take a journey to The Mountains. There are a number of ways that you can experience the delectable flavors of the Blue Mountain Coffee right on the peak of Jamaica’s highest range.

Brewing The Blue Bean

Indulge in the coffee that is known globally for its nutrients and smooth taste that makes the flavorful experience, an easy one. Not only can you enjoy the coffee, but see first hand the panoramic views of red coffee bean farmlands that cling to the mountainsides, while listening to the interesting tale of the land from the very coffee farmers first hand.

Experience one of Jamaica’s most understated gems. Go beyond the ordinary and experience a taste like none other and celebrate the coffee that is Blue Mountain. Get some coffee in your cups today and not just any coffee, Brew the Blue Beans from The Blue Mountains.

Hiking and Biking the Blue

While enjoying the bold Blue Mountain coffee, do something spectacular that is sure to take your breath away. Hike through the tropical forest of the Blue Mountains and enjoy Jamaica’s flora and fauna in its purest state. Enjoy breathtaking views of the mountainside and walk through the fields and smell the aroma from the coffee plants. Or, get pumped with us for an adrenaline filled ride on a downhill bicycle experience. Hear the birds chipping and get intertwined with nature as you cycle through the beauty that surrounds you at the Blue Mountains.

For the real adrenaline junkies, you can do both - Hike the Hills and Bike the Blues!

Dining on The Blue Peaks

What a day! After hiking and/or biking, the experience provides you with the perfect opportunity to enjoy a flavourful Jamaican meal with an unreplicable view. Sit back, relax and enjoy a warm Jamaican meal overlooking the most beautiful views and top it all off, with some more freshly brewed coffee from The Mountain. A perfect end to a thrilling experience.

There is plenty to do at the Blue Mountains, this Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Day. Go beyond the beaten path and enjoy the treasures of The Blue.

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Contributed by: Blue Mountain Tours

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